The ADAM-X FAQ file, written by : Adam-X.


Real Name: Adam Neramani
Aliases: X-Treme
Identity: Secret
Occupation: Adventurer, former enforcer
Citizenship: Citizen of the Shi'ar Empire.
Place of Birth: Ch'ylaritha
Known Relatives: D'Ken (supposed father, deceased), Unknown Mother (Unknown) Assumed: Philip Summers (grandfather), Deborah Summers (grandmother), Katherine Anne Summers (mother, deceased), D'Ken (father, deceased), Lilandra Nermani (Aunt), Cal'Syee Nermani (Deathbird Aunt), Scott Summers (Cyclops, half brother), Alexander Summers (Havok, half brother), Gabriel Summers (Vulcan, half brother), Jean Grey-Summers (Phoenix, sister-in-law, deceased), Madelyne Pryor-Summers (ex-sister-in-law, deceased), Nathan Christopher Summers (Cable, nephew), Aliya Jenskot (niece-in-law, deceased), Tyler Dayspring (Genesis, grandnephew, deceased), Stryfe (clone nephew, deceased), Rachel Summers (Marvel Girl, alternate timeline niece)
Group Affiliation: Formerly employee of Martin Strong
First Appearance: X-Force Annual #2
History: The complete truth to Adam-X's past still remains clouded in mystery.

Adam-X was unsure of who he was and where he was from. He was taken in by Martin Strong to work for Strong Industries. He had developed a friendship with Michelle Balters (Neurotap), but was later forced to track her down, when she decided to flee from Strong Industries. X-Force arrived on the scene and assumed that Adam-X was the one to be taken down. Under Cable’s command, the members of X-Force made a valiant attempt at bringing Adam-X down, but in the end failed. Adam-X was forced to down the members of X-Force by using his powers to ignite the electrolytes in their bloodstream. In the confusion, Michelle Balters had managed to escape.

It would not be much longer until Adam-X and the members of X-Force would run into one another yet again. After another brief battle, Adam-X and the members of Cable’s X-Force temporarily joined forces to return to a plant just outside Denver to take down Martin Strong, the owner of Strong Industries.

With Martin Strong’s defeat, Adam-X declines membership to X-Force, choosing instead to seek out the pieces to his past and uncover more about himself.

In the Artic, Adam-X witnesses the crashing of Phillip Summer’s plane. Within minutes, he manages to cover over six miles, reaching Phillip Summers, the grandfather of Scott and Alex Summers.

When the plane explodes, knocking both Adam-X and Phillips Summers over, Adam-X manages to twist and turn, using his body to take the blunt of the blast, as well as the landing. Believing that there is nothing to be done, Phillip Summers encourages Adam-X to save himself. However, Adam-X refuses and uses his powers to ignite the electrolytes in Phillip Summer’s bloodstream to keep him warm, until the morning sun rises.

Adam-X manages to get Phillip to a hospital where he is greeted by Jean Grey and Scott Summers. Adam-X asks Jean to peak in his mind and share the visuals he has there to give to Phillip. In those thoughts, he shares a memory of boarding a Shi’ar Kjeth’ya Scout Craft.

Adam-X would next encounter Legacy, the son of Captain Marvel. Under the influence of Eric the Red’s mind control, Adam-X attacks Legacy; but with his help is able to break free of Eric the Red’s mental hold.

Together, Legacy and Adam-X track down Eric the Red. It’s there that Eric the Red explains that Adam-X is dubbed “The Forsaken One” and that he is a hybrid of specific genetic potential into the Shi’ar monarchy – and that Adam-X was born to rule the Shi’ar throne as the only living child of Majestor D’Ken.

Eric the Red explains that Katherine Summers was not immediately killed by D’Ken. He had been fond of Katherine and kept her as a consort, while Christopher Summers Corsair was sent into the slave pens. For a time, D’Ken used Katherine as his pleasure maid, until one day Christopher escaped from the pits and made his way to the palace, where he was recaptured. As punishment, it was there that D’Ken made Christopher watch as he killed Katherine Summers.

Adam-X appears after a long time off the radar, at the Gene Pool Bar among a few others. With him are Julian Keller - better known as "Hellion"; Ben Hammil - better known as "Match"; Lorelei Travis; Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis - better known as "Avalanche"; Jeremiah Muldoon - better known as "Meld"; Roberto Da Costa - better known as "Sunspot." They're gathered to fight and put an end to Normon Osborn's presence in San Francisco - which is supposedly a haven for all Mutants. They decide to make their stand at Union Square Park.

Despite claiming that causing a massive explosion and fight would be a bad idea - because as mutants, they're considered evolved and should act as such - it doesn't take long till the anger takes over and Hellion lights up most of Union Square Park. Normon Osborn's "Dark X-Men" - which consists of Cloak, Dagger, Weapon Omega, Namor, Mimic, Wolverine II (Daken) respond to the threat and arrive at Union Square Park by teleporting through Cloak.

White Queen defeats Hellion with a mental blast, while Cloak manages to envelope Lorelei. Dagger attempts to take out Adam-X, but he blocks her daggers of light with his sword. Mimic tries to take out Match by freezing him, but fails. Weapon Omega successfully takes out Meld. White Queen manages to save Avalache's life when Wolverine II tries to kill him.Namor knocks out Sunspot, and the last one defeated is Dagger, when she kicks him into Cloak's shadows.

They are then brought to Alcatraz, where Normon Osborn has set up base. Cyclops arrives and tells Osborn to surrender. But of course, Osborn refuses and swears he will see Cyclops dead. Emma Frost demands that the prisoners be protected and that she be shown what Normon Osborn plans on doing with the mutant prisoners.

Adam-X surfaces again to help stop Juggernaut, who has been enhanced by the Norse God of Fear. Several others attempt to stop Juggernaut before Adam-X arrives. Avalanche attempts to separate the road; but Juggernaut continues to walk. A mutant named Face, blasts him with his 'annihilation beam' which proves ineffective; Pixie attempts to teleport Juggernaut away, but it's ineffective; Rogue attempts to absorb his powers and render him unconscious; she is instead, rendered unconscious and rescued by Magneto. Mercury tries to fill his lungs; but she's expelled, whens he realized she was being dissolved while inside Juggernaut; Pyslocke tries her psychic blades, but they too, prove ineffective. Adam-X is the only one, who proves effective in doing anything to Juggernaut; he manages to ignite his blood, however, the downside is that Juggernaut, for fifteen minutes burns anything he touches.

Height: 6'1
Weight: 180 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Powers: X-Treme is a Shi’ar/Mutant Hybrid that is capable of igniting the electrolytes present in the bloodstream, causing the person to burn from the inside out. X-Treme possesses exceptional control of his power; able to incinerate objects, or simply use the power to create a warming sensation. In order to ignite the electrolytes, X-Treme has used blades to cut the flesh and oxygenate the blood. Whether this is necessary or simply makes the power more effective, remains unknown.

X-Treme is a Shi’ar/Mutant Hybrid that is capable of igniting the electrolytes present in the bloodstream, causing the person to burn from the inside out. X-Treme possesses exceptional control of his power; able to incinerate objects, or simply use the power to create a warming sensation. In order to ignite the electrolytes, X-Treme has used blades to cut the flesh and oxygenate the blood. Whether this is necessary or simply makes the power more effective, remains unknown.
Accessories: X-Treme wields cybernetic, retractable blocking blades forged of an unknown Shi'ar metal.
There's a lot of speculation as to who Adam-X (also known as X-Treme, or THE X-Treme) really is, and how exactly he is related to the X-Men.

Like most heroes, he is someone who doesn't seem to recall his own past, and is in search of his destiny. In this FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) file, I am going to make an attempt at clearing some things up about this extremely (no pun intended) cool character that we have come to know as Adam-X, and who he is, and what makes him tick (or ticks him off).

I'd like to note here... it says X-Treme was created by Fabian Nicieza, with Greg Capullo and Jeff Johnson - so a special thanks to them for an awesome character!

As I said, there is a lot of speculation surrounding Adam-X, so let's begin this FAQ shall we, so we can clear this up - maybe you will agree with what I have to say - maybe you will come up with your own speculation after this is all done and through. Let us find out...

Table Of Contents:

Part One: The First Appearance of Adam-X: X-Force Annual #2

Part Two: Sparring Partners Unwillingly: X-Force #29 & X-Force #30

Part Three: Family Connections? X-Men #39, Captain Marvel #2, Captain Marvel #3

Part Four: Speculation

Part Five: List Of Appearances

Part Six: A Word From Fabian

Part Seven (Added): Seeking His Past: X-Men #38

Part Eight (Added): X-Treme Gallery: A collection of X-Treme pictures.


Q1.) What is Adam-X's first appearance?
A1.) X-Force Annual #2.

Q2.) Is the story worth ripping open the bag to read?
A2.) Yes. VERY much so! Not only do you get a good story, with a new and interesting character, you also get a cool promo card featuring the new character (Adam-X, in this case).

Q3.) Is the X-Force Annual #2 worth much?
A3.) Thankfully - or regretfully - depending on your view, it is not worth much, just like most annuals.

Q4.) Who is Adam-X hunting in the beginning of X-Force Annual #2?
A4.) Her name is/was Michelle Balters, a mutant who lives/lived in Denver, but was tracked down to Phoenix, Arizona by Adam-X when she tried to escape from the one known as Strong.

Q5.) Is Adam-X a mutant?
A5.) Yes. He mentions to Michelle that they are both mutants.

Q6.) So what are Adam-X's powers?
A6.) Well, he has super human agility, as well as the mutant ability to "ignite" a person's blood cells. The effect, as called by Michelle, is "Flash." At his command, he can "ignite" a person's blood cells to the point of either stunning them, or rendering them completely unconscious (as seen in X-Force Annual #2, with the members of X-Force). When "Flashed" - after oxygenating the blood, Adam-X then ignites a person's electrolytes in the person's blood supply.

Q7.) Could he kill someone - has he killed someone - with these powers?
A7.) Well, recently, he did (apparently) kill Eric The Red. Undoubtedly, he is quite capable of killing someone with his powers, since after oxygenating someone's blood, he can "Flash" them so much, that it can reach the point where the person's heart would literally - as disgusting as it might be to imagine - explode within their body...

Q8.) So how agile is this Adam-X fella?
A8.) In the words of X-Force Annual #2:

        "The mutant group (X-Force) moves into action...
        using each member's unique gift to take down the
        mysterious X-Treme... Shatterstar's agile leap
        (using his sword)... Boomer's plasma bursts... Rictor's
        vibratory quake emissions... but each of them sees
        only a blur of motion in front of them and each
        of them takes their shot... each one of them misses!"

        And to top that off, hanging upside down, Adam-X adds:

        "By the way, if you all take the time to check over your
        arms and legs... you'll notice a bunch of nicks and cuts...
        which I apologize for having caused... but you see, because
        in order to use my mutant power, I have to oxygenate your
        blood... having done that, then I can do ... THIS!"

        And in one foul swoop the ENTIRE team of X-Force was out!

Q9.) So how come he's called X-Treme?
A9.) I think Michelle best answered that when Cable asked who he was:

        "The only names he has were given to him. Adam-X -- and when
        he gets going - we call him X-Treme... cause that's what he
        becomes... extremely angry... extremely powerful... extremely

Q10.) Are there other powers that Adam-X has? He's sounding pretty cool!
A10.) Yes there is another power mentioned. In X-Force Annual #2 (I told you it was worth getting and reading), Adam-X stands on his ship and peers into the Grand Canyon, and here's what it says:

        "...X-Treme is on the hunt... and that means scanning for a
        target almost a mile away... and spotting it with such clarity
        of vision..."

        So it seems our fellow mutant has uncanny sight ability as well.

Q11.) What exactly is his origin?
A11.) Well, at this point, let's not get too into that... more on that a little bit later, after we find out some "ground" rules about Adam-X. However, he does drop one big hint in X-Force Annual #2, and says:

        "Well then, Shatterstar, you'll be QUITE happy to learn
        that I am NOT from this planet [Earth]!!"

Q12.) Interesting stuff here! I didn't know he was this cool! Who did/was Adam-X working for? He was obviously hunting down Michelle for some reason!
A12.) Well, apparently Adam-X was working for someone named Strong (nice name, huh?).

Q13.) Why would he work for someone if he said he didn't enjoy doing what he was doing in the first place?
A13.) Apparently this person named Strong, promised to tell Adam-X of his past, which he knew nothing of. Adam-X hints that if he doesn't learn about his past, he will then turn out to be what he was "trained and bred for" - which turns out, according to him to be, the responsibility of killing every single mutant on the entire planet!

Q14.) Who/where is Strong located?
A14.) Strong Industries was a plant, just outside the city limits of Denver, where several mutants were brought to, and actually (supposedly) taken good care of. It was there Adam-X met Michelle.

Q15.) So what was this Martin Strong's motive in all this?
A15.) Martin Strong had the hidden agenda that he and a select group of scientists were working on a way to permanently eliminate the "X" gene that caused mutations (in which case, would ensure that no one else ever became a mutant again).

Q16.) Who was Martin Henry Strong associated with?
A16.) Martin Strong had government funding, and worked closely with Project: Wideawake (which dealt with the mutant hunting robots known as Sentinels).

Q17.) Is Martin Henry Strong a mutant?
A17.) His last name implies his mutant ability to a degree. It appears that Martin Strong is nigh invulnerable, brushing off everything from Syrin's sonic scream to Cannonball's FULL blast. Not to mention, Feral detects two heartbeats in his chest - and after slashing him open, he begins nearly immediately healing himself.

Q18.) So what was Michelle's mutant name?
A18.) Martin referred to her as "Nuerotap." (She had the mutant ability to look into someone's eyes and route an energy pulse through their optic nerves and through their entire nervous system).

Q19.) Does Adam-X have a limit to how many he can "Flash"?
A19.) Well, he has been seen in several panels "Flashing" up to five or more people at once, and not even showing the slightest bit of fatigue.

Q20.) NOW can we learn where Adam-X is from?
A20.) Okay, okay. Adam-X drops another hint when he fights along X-Force against Martin Strong, and says:

{Flipping through the air}: "I have to tell you folks... from what you've shown me so far, you wouldn't have survived one day fighting in my world... Ch'ylaritha!"

Q21.) So how does X-Force Annual #2 end?
A21.) Let's just say that by now, you must realize you should go out and buy it and find out for yourself! It's an excellent issue, introducing an interesting character that has a ton of potential - more potential than any of us could have thought possible...


Q22.) So what's his next appearance?
A22.) That would be X-Force #29. However, that is at the end of the book, so I guess technically, it's only a "cameo" appearance.

Q23.) Okay, if that was a "cameo" then when was his next _full_ appearance?
A23.) Didn't you read the beginning of the FAQ? Obviously, X-Force #30. :)

Q24.) So what do we find out about Adam-X, or shall I call him X-Treme?
A24.) Call him what you want - as long as it doesn't upset him. In X-Force number 30, right on the first page it states:

 "... Adam-X, the X-Treme. He does not know much about
  his past, only that he was raised on another planet. But
  knew, in his heart, that Earth was, in almost every sense,
  his home..."

Q25.) Another planet, huh? That's pretty interesting. Any ideas?
A25.) Yes. One main idea. That he is from the Shi'ar. He uses the phrase, "By the talons of T'thyees'sha." The use of the " ' " mark in names and language is _very_ common among the Shi'ar. Also when he scratches Shatterstar, he refers to his "spikes" as the "Thet'je Spikes" again using the " ' " in the name.

Q26.) So what else does this issue show?
A26.) Aside from some great fight scenes, when X-Treme and Shatterstar turn the odds against Arcade in Murderworld, Arcade says:

        "Call Mr. Milbury, tell him I'll be returning his
        cash deposit to his numbered account in Zurich..."

And goes on to say that Major Domo had hired him to be rid of Shatterstar. This leaves obviously leaves it that this Mr. Milbury is the one that hired Arcade to get X-Treme. Now, as many may or may not know, Mr. Milbury is another name for the infamous Mr. Sinister.

Q27.) So how does it end?
A27.) Don't want to ruin it for you, but X-Treme gets the paper that explains that Mr. Millbury had been the one that hired Arcade. He takes the paper and begins his quest for his past, hoping to find this mystery person....


Q28.) So how does this begin?
A28.) With the crash of Phillip Summers, Scott and Alex Summer's grandfather. X-Treme's speed, endurance and agility are all taken into some serious consideration here... Waist deep in show, it still states here:

        "Within minutes he [X-Treme] has covered six miles between
        Highway 4 and the downed plane. If the knee-high snow or the
        thick trees of the Canadian Yukon wilderness pose a problem,
        he doesn't pay them much attention..."

Q29.) So, you think he's part Shi'ar, eh? Does this issue have any further proof of that?
A29.) Glad you asked. Yes it does. During a time where X-Treme is carrying Phillip Summers, and the plane explodes, sending them tumbling off a small ledge, it reads:

        "If his people, long ago, lost the ability to fly, he is
        glad that, at the very least, they can still land with the
        best of them."

Q30.) Wow. Sounds like he could be part Shi'ar. Anything else at all interesting in this story?
A30.) Why yes. While Phillip Summers is talking about how he had a grey spell and blacked out, he looks at Adam and tells him he looks familiar.

Q31.) Okay. So he looks familiar. He said all people probably look the same when they're blurry, though.
A31.) Well of course, you could look at it that way. But could he also see a little bit of Christopher and Anne Summers? (The mother and father of Scott and Alex, Cyclops and Havok respectively)? He has the physical features of Corsair (Christopher Summers) but the blond hair of Anne Summers. Just an idea, of course. More later.

Q32.) So, going on...?
A32.) Well, to poke back at my idea. Things seem pretty hopeless for the pair, but X-Treme gets to work, and comments that he never lets himself surrender to anything. To this, Phillip Summers says:

        "Stubborn. But you get the job done. Reminds me of
        several young men that I know."

They go on a bit here about the Summers family.

Q33.) Okay, okay. So there seems to be a lot of ties here to the Summers. Go on with it.
A33.) Not to further push to the point, but Jean Grey senses X-Treme's thoughts when he's in the room, and says they seem familiar.

Q34.) Okay, so I admit it, already! It does seem to have to do with the Summers quite a bit! So how do the Shi'ar fit into this?
A34.) Don't want to answer that just yet - but we get a good piece of information that X-Treme is _indeed_ from the Shi'ar when he asks Jean Grey to peek into his thoughts and share them with Phillip Summers. In those thoughts, it talks about boarding a Shi'ar Kjeth'ya Scout Craft. This of course finally lays to rest that he is indeed at least Shi'ar.

Q35.) Wow. Very interesting. So is there more?
A35.) Yes there is. It goes on to say...

 " that goes beyond explanation... Scott feels
  that his fractured family lines have been made stronger
  because of this near tragedy... Little does he know how
  terrifyingly right he is..."

It fades back at this point to show a red, steel glove. We learn later that this is the hand of Eric The Red. Then it pans farther back to show Eric The Red being watched, by someone with a blue glove, metallic sort of looking arm, and slivery things... which is, Mr. Sinister.

Q36.) Wow. That's pretty intense. Hrm. So where do we land next?
A36.) Keeping alone with the family ties theme, we jump to a brief cameo of X-Treme in Captain Marvel #2; hired by Eric the Red to get rid of Captain Marvel.

Q37.) So I assume X-Treme is in Captain Marvel #3, right?
A37.) He most certainly is. The opening page shows him carrying Captain Marvel, while scaling a mountain. They climb up it to seek out a place X-Treme has called "home" for the last two months. A Shi'ar ship called the Aerie.

Q38.) Cool. So what happens here?
A38.) Well, Eric the Red sees them board the ship, and the Sidri - an alien race of bounty hunters (used by Deathbird once as well, to capture Christopher Summers in Uncanny X-Men #154) goes after them. Needless to say X-Treme and Captain Marvel make mince meat out of them, which is no easy job.

Q39.) So they make it to Eric the Red?
A39.) Yes they do. And here Eric the Red states:

   "You have been dubbed the Forsaken One, Adam - but that
    was a mistake on the Majestor's part, those many years ago.
    Truly had you been rightfully admitted into the family, we
    would not be in this predicament today... I am talking about
    your destiny here... and that is something obviously enough
    by the intricate plans of the Crystal Claws which should not
    be rushed! Empress Lilandra sits on the throne this day only
    because Majestor D'Ken was driven mad by his experiences inside
    the M'Krann Crystal! She was not meant to guide the Imperium.
    You see Adam, YOURS is the destiny of power - for you were bred
    to introduce a HYBRID of specific genetic potential into the
    Shi'ar monarchy! Adam-X, you were born to rule the Shi'ar
    Imperium!... Who else should be the heir to the throne of the
    Imperium but you - the only living child of Majestor D'Ken?!"

Q40.) Wow. Pretty intense.
A40.) No kidding. Too bad Eric the Red probably doesn't live after that. Using his mutant ability to "flash fry" - he does so on Eric the Red causing his body to explode. And the ship goes down in a fiery explosion. X-Treme and Captain Marvel part ways after that, wishing each other luck, as X-Treme decides to wander the Earth...


In Uncanny X-Men #513, as a part of the Utopia storyline, Adam-X resurfaces after 13 years of being in limbo! (His last appearance before this being in Captain Marvel #3, which was published in 1996!)

It's interesting to note that in Uncanny X-Men #513, he is described in narration as "Adam Neramani -- Adam X" - giving him the Shi'ar last name of Lilandra's family - seemingly confirming that he is indeed related to Lilandra, and undoubtedly a child of D'Ken and Katherine as Fabian has originally intended.


This is the portion, where with all the information above, I throw out my ideas of speculation. Granted, it might be pretty wild, but I think I have enough proof here to make my stand.

Yes, D'Ken killed Katherine because Corsair tried to pull of a rebellion/rescue bit - and she got stabbed right in front of Corsair's eyes. However, it is not disclosed how long Corsair spent in those mines.

If you think about it, Scott and Alex were throw out of the plane when the Shi'ar first nabbed Christopher (Corsair) Summers and Katherine (see UXM #156).

Look how old Scott and Alex are when they meet the Starjammers for the first time in UXM #104. I'd say about 10 to 15 years have gone by (I figure Scott was probably about 11 when he was thrown out - his specific age may have been given, I don't recall - and at the time of UXM #104, I'd say he's about 25).

So that'd mean that if Corsair rebelled RIGHT when he was captured and thrown into the mines as a slave - that Corsair has been flying around in space for 10-15 years with no intention of going back to Earth. That seems sort of unlikely.

I'd wager that Corsair spent about 5 years in those slave mines, when he finally managed to get some people to back him up and pull off this rebellion.

This gives D'Ken 5 years of having Katherine as a "sex slave" as it were, before Corsair attempted the rescue - more than enough time for Katherine to have a child, born of D'Ken.

Also, I want to refer to X-Men #23, page 8. Sinister is quoted as saying:

        "... I care Scott. Selfishly, I'll grant you, for the
         fruitful pursuit of my own self-interests... But I 
         care enough to wish you and your BROTHERS to be
         protected from this illness."

        Cyclops even asks him about the "brothers" comment, 
        and Sinister brushes it off as his own mistake - and
        that he had meant brother, as in Alex.

Now for my next piece of speculation, turn to Uncanny X-Men #156, to where Corsair is explaining to Scott about what happened. Corsair says the following:

        "... until a teleport beam yanked us aboard the starship. It
        was a Shi'ar scouting mission. To them, Anne and I were zoo-
        logical specimens, representing the HIGHER ORDERS OF LIFE ON
        EARTH. We were separated. On the Imperial Throne World, I
        escaped the slave pens and set out to find her. She was with
        the Emperor [D'Ken]. My mistake then was in trying not to kill
        him with my bare hands instead of shooting him down where he
        stood. Guards came to his rescue, they wanted to execute me on
        the spot, but D'Ken had other ideas..."

In these panels, it shows D'Ken apparently attempting to "rape" Anne. Also, this is where D'Ken orders Anne's death right in front of Corsair's eyes. Corsair also mentions it was twenty years ago - roughly the age of X-Treme...

So what am I getting at and how am I going to prove it?

Well, first - let's take the fact that Mr. Sinister tells Scott that he has BROTHERS - which would indicate more than Alex. Now, my assumption is that it's X-Treme (Adam-X). This would explain why Mr. Sinister had hired Arcade to "test" X-Treme, the way Mr. Sinister "tested" Cyclops against the Dark Riders in X-Men #23.

But there's definitely a twist to Adam-X's past. He's not the son of Christopher and Katherine Anne Summers... rather, it would seem that he is the son of Katherine Anne Summers and D'Ken (a product of rape). Now, as Corsair said... himself as well as Katherine Anne were nothing more than zoological specimens, representing the HIGHER ORDERS OF LIFE ON EARTH. Further evidence of this lies in what Eric the Red said, when he said: "You see Adam, YOURS is the destiny of power - for you were bred to introduce a HYBRID of specific genetic potential into the Shi'ar monarchy! Adam-X, you were born to rule the Shi'ar Imperium!... Who else should be the heir to the throne of the Imperium but you - the only living child of Majestor D'Ken?!" The fact that he is a HYBRID, also proves the point - and being the child of D'Ken. D'Ken obviously wanted someone who would rule the throne after him (his son, naturally), and have power - why not get the best "genetics" and capture two people who apparently have excellent genetics - Christopher Summers and Katherine Anne Summers.

Obviously the Shi'ar believe as Mr. Sinister does, that there is indeed something special about the genetics of the Summers family tree.

Thus I believe that Adam-X (X-Treme) was the product of rape when D'Ken "took" Katherine Anne Summers. Using their genetic potential, D'Ken hoped to have a powerful son who would rule in his place, when his time was done. As it is often called the "X-Factor" in one's genes that make them a mutant, we take the word "X" first of all*. Then, what was the name of the first man (according to the Bible)? Adam. See the connection? (i.e., for slow people, Adam-X).

So what do you think? Please feel free to send comments, complaints, suggestions, and/or corrections to: Adam-X.

* Thanks Andy ( for the correction on the XX and XY genes, my bad. (Glad you were around).


X-Force Annual #2: 1st Appearance Of Adam-X.

X-Force #25: He has a one panel shot, as a "Child of the Atom"

X-Force #29: Cameo Appearance Of Adam-X.

X-Force #30: Adam-X vs. Shatterstar in Murderworld.

X-Men #38: Adam-X visits Carter Ryking, son of Milbury.

X-Men #39: Adam-X saves Cyclops (Scott's) Grandfather.

X-Men #41: One panel shot, shown fighting Eric the Red when reality ceases.

Captain Marvel #2: Cameo Appearance Of Adam-X.

Captain Marvel #3: Adam-X & Captain Marvel vs. Eric The Red (Origin Issue?).

Uncanny X-Men #513: Adam-X joins other mutants to make a stand against Osborn.

Dark Avengers #7: Continues from Uncanny X-Men #513. Adam-X and the others fight the Dark X-Men.

Uncanny X-Men #542: Fear Itself. Adam-X is the only one who manages to effect the onslaught of Juggernaut, who has been enhanced by the Norse God of Fear.


When I got a moment, I asked Fabian whether or not the theory of X- Treme being the 3rd Summers brother was correct, and here is what Fabian had to say about that:

"The character [X-Treme] WAS created to be the 3rd brother, but once I left the x-books, the following writers/editors chose to ignore the sub-plot(which is their call to make). the good news is that no writer/editor contradicted the storyline plans I had, so maybe someday I could still pick it up.



Adam-X makes a brief cameo appearance in X-Men #38, where he goes to a prison to visit prisoner by the name of Carter Ryking. Carter claims not to know who Adam-X is... but Adam-X knows who his father is. A man by the name of Milbury... another known alias of Mr. Sinister.

Is this truly Sinister's son?

Carter listens only half-heartedly to anything Adam-X says, until Adam states he is willing to do anything to find out about his past. That is when Carter suggests visiting Professor Charles Xavier.


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